About Us

Streamlined Access

Arizona Arthritis & Rheumatology Research maintains operational processes that streamline access to care and our ability to meet demand, as well as develop relationships with external entities that enhance the achievement of the mission

Embracing Technology

Arizona Arthritis & Rheumatology Research strives to efficiently adopt the diagnostic and therapeutic technologies of the future. We also offer high-end electronic Medical Record Software, Clinical Trial Management System, and secure 21CRF compliant data storage.

8 Locations Across Arizona

We operate out of one of the largest private rheumatology practices in the US, offering 8 locations, reception, call center, billing, on Institution infusion, x-ray, 1T MRI, DEXA, Ultrasound, clinical CLIA certified laboratory, with a large referral network. All of our locations also have a dedicated monitoring area with internet access.