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What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

Central Laboratory

A wide range of laboratory tests is available, including routine studies for general medical care and monitoring, as well as more specific rheumatologic tests. If only a portion of the lab tests ordered are performed in our offices, we will draw the blood for those not done in our lab and send it to the appropriate outside laboratory.

On Site X-Ray

Our Paradise Valley, Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix & Tucson locations include in house X-Ray facilities. Each X-Ray is interpreted by the Rheumatologist familiar with your clinical situation and by a consultative radiologist if needed.

Bone Densitometry

DXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) technology is available at all of our locations. The interpretation is provided by the treating rheumatologist in the context of risk factor assessment. Such analysis allows the rheumatologist to evaluate for osteopenia and osteoporosis, assess the strength of bone, and guide the use of new medicines that can strengthen bone to reduce the risk of fractures.

On Site Infusion Suites

Infusion therapies (intravenous medications) are provided at many of our locations. Our company has a dedicated staff of infusion nurses who frequently consult with the treating rheumatologist regarding the particular needs of the infusion patient.

MRI for Extremities

Rheumatologists have begun to utilize MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to assist in the diagnosis and management of rheumatologic disorders. The addition of a high field MRI dedicated to peripheral joints and interpreted by radiologists specializing in musculosketal diseases helps the physicians at AARA to best assess the effectiveness of a patients’ current therapy and the need for further therapies.

The ONI MRI located at the Paradise Valley office provides an open “patient-friendly” environment and avoids some of the difficulties encountered by patients in more enclosed systems.

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