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Rheumatologists are doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and management of persons with disorders of autoimmunity, wherein the body’s defenses are turned against one’s own organs and tissues.

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Arizona Arthritis & Rheumatology Research (AARR) remains at the forefront of rheumatologic care by participating in clinical trials of new rheumatologic drugs and the enrollment and supervision of patients who qualify and who may be in need of other potentially effective therapies.

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We have 9 sites located in Phoenix Arizona metropolitan area. Each research site companied with a fully functioning rheumatology clinic owned by the same group of rheumatologists.

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Arizona Arthritis & Rheumatology Research (AARR) is one of Americas largest rheumatology clinic and research facilities.

We specialize in rheumatology trials although we also conduct some non rheumatology trials. We have 9 sites located in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. We have been involved in clinical trials for over 30 years and conducted over 500 rheumatology trials and some non rheumatology trials with all phases.

Our Equipment

State of the Art equipment at all 9 valley locations.

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We put your safety as our #1 priority. Learn more about our studies, your safety, and privacy concerns.

Staff Training

All research staff undergo rigorous training in safety and compliance.

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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Learn more on our Participant Info page.

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Private monitoring rooms are available at all offices, with Investigator access.

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Call us for scheduling or with any questions pertaining to clinical research studies. We look forward to seeing you!

Feedback from our Patients

With a rare auto-immune disease, Dr. Caldron bent over backwards to find a solution with minimal side affects. After switching insurance companies, the new insurance company denied the drug. Rosie/Tiffany/Dr. Caldron went above and beyond to make sure the drugs were available during the appeals process. In addition, they did everything to get the drug approved with the new insurance company. THEY CARE ABOUT THE PATIENT AND THEIR HEALTH. Simply AMAZING and I would recommend then to anyone. The best in the valley by far!- Phoenix, AZ
I have Rheumatoid Arthrits. I have been a patient of AARA for almost 10 years. It took almost a year to find just exactly the right combination of meds for my particular body, and the meds have been tweaked over the years as new meds came on the market. I lead a full and normal life thanks to the doctors and infusion nurses. One day when I had to come in for an unscheduled visit because I had an infection, Dr Tesser made room for me in his busy schedule on almost no notice.- Phoenix, AZ
Having seen all sort of specialists, rheumatologists and other practioners over the years, I was overjoyed to see Dr. Caldron, who gave me a thorough examination. He almost immediately gave me a fairly obscure diagnosis that is 100% spot-on. How I spent 20 years chasing the answer and he nailed it in minutes is beyond my comprehension, but I am incredibly grateful. - Phoenix, AZ